Alfred & Gisela Pallas have over 40 years of experience in the fields of personal/business development and sales-training. This, combined with their deep understanding of spirituality has enabled them to help tens of thousands of Europeans live a more successful and more fulfilled life. Pallas-Seminars, which they founded together in Germany in 1977, and is currently running hundreds of seminars per year in the German-speaking markets of Europe.

Here’s what Alfred has to say to you:
“I was 82,000 in debt (I’m German, so it was 82,000 Deutschmarks and the year was 1974). My first marriage was over and my first business had gone down the drain. I couldn’t see any future nor any purpose in my life – at 27!
I read all the books that were available on ‘How to get rich’, ‘How to become successful’ and whatever else I could get my hands on.
But one word was missing.
I wrote down everything that I wanted to get rid of in my life, burned the list and buried the ashes – nothing changed!
I wrote down all my wishes, goals and dreams – nothing changed.
Then I found the one word that finally changed my life.
I found the woman I’ve been happily married to since 1976.
We fulfilled our dream and bought a house on the beach in New Zealand.
We bought a second house on Vancouver Island, so that we could have two summers every year.
In our garages are some of the most luxurious cars on the market.
We haven’t been in overdraft, nor have we had a mortgage or loan since 1980.
One word has changed our lives completely, as well as that of thousands of our fellow Germans. So we wrote a book about it.
It probably won’t help you very much just knowing what the word is though, because you have to put it into practice. And to put it into practice, you’ll need a few minutes a day for 84 days.”

That word, of course, is thankfulness, as you’ve most likely guessed!

So now it’s up to you. Now you know how powerful thankfulness can be. But just knowing it won’t make any difference in your life. It’s just a word, made up of a few letters. Until you really put it into practice –
until you can really feel it within yourself.

In just 84 days, you too can find out the difference just one word can make in your life.